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Partner with us on Real Estate deals that are traditionally only available to the wealthy. We provide functioning, yet affordable accommodations to families in Cleveland Ohio – While securing double digit returns for our investors. Start your investment journey with Rehab Kings today!

Our vision

To provide safe, affordable housing to families, while securing double digit returns for our investors.

Our mission

To make the buying and selling of real estate as efficient as possible while delivering a high quality service to our investors and clients. To continually explore new ideas and technology and to become a revolutionary leader in the rehab flip industry.

How we keep putting money in our investors’ pockets!

Current Properties

Under Rehab – RENTAL – 3202 E 137

Under Rehab – RENTAL – 3202 E 137

Rent = $1300 Property Taxes = 303.55 Insurance = $60.00 Property Management = $130.00 Vacancy = $65 Property Maintenance = $104.00 Annual Net Income = $7649.40 CONTACT US FOR MORE INFO!

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*Projected returns are based on future events which are inherently uncertain and subject to change. Invest at your own risk.*

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