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A word from our CEO

The measure of any Real Estate Investment company is its ability to provide stable and profitable investments, while still servicing and serving community needs in any given market.

As one of the leading remote investment companies, Rehab Kings is a prime example of the truth of this statement. For years, we have not only adapted to market shifts in both directions, but we have found opportunities in situations where others see turmoil.

We are constantly measuring our financial and strategic performance in the markets, and keep a close eye on market trends and shifts, this allows us to react to certain situations  anticipate others and better serve our investors and communities we operate in.

The more things change the more they will stay the same. Rehab Kings will continue to adapt to its surroundings, but will always strive to be an indispensable partner, a strategy that has proven successful for many years.

– Kevin Swart CEO

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